Fab front cover by  Design For Writers

Fab front cover by Design For Writers

So I wrote a little story! Something you can knock out on a commute to work or to distract you from checking your Facebook for a few minutes.

I had no real intentions to enter the world of fiction despite encouragement from a few people, but alas I decided to stop banging on about relationships and why love kicks my ass! So the conception of a random tale was born after reminiscing with friends about nights out in Soho London. A little summink summink with some sort of a beginning, middle and end. 

Running From Twenty Four from Shem Douglas on Vimeo.

A new short story written by Shem Douglas.

Sam tells the story of five friends unexpectedly brought together under tragic circumstances. A Sunday evening in Soho spirals into poor decisions influenced by grief, lust and the idea of escapism. Follow the party of five as they embark on an unscripted night out after the death of a new acquaintance.

Running From Twenty-Four is a fast paced tale of friendship, finding humour in heartbreak, and coping with life as a twenty-something year old. A night of fun and frolics, where morals and common sense are lost in a cheap bottle of vodka.

Why not have a read yourself and get it HERE at Amazon! It's only £1.29/€1.75/$1.99... bargain town! Download it straight to your Kindle, tablet or even smartphone via the Kindle app. (It's free and dead easy so don't panic!)

However you can have a wee look and also purchase from these fine places too: Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor Blio, txtr, OverDrive, Flipkart, Oyster and Scribd.

Thanks for the love and virtual high fives guys! You're only awesome! :)