I finally decided to pull my finger out and do what I set out to do roughly 4 years ago. An old boss and friend of mine suggested I compile my writing from my blog and convert this into a digital book for anyone and everyone to download. At the time it sounded awesome and fun and interesting and all those fine giddy words to describe something with great potential. However as usual… I sat on my fat ass and did nothing about it.

Thankfully a few interventions later from bored frustrated friends… and a chat with a big time author who boosted my ego, I finally made the decision to stop making up elaborate excuses like “it’s a Tuesday and I have a twitchy eye” and actually get my shit together.

So I grabbed inspiration from certain blog posts I had written over the years and put together a short non fiction narrative called Mouth Open Story Fell Out: Cynical Rants Of A Singleton. It was decided the best route to try this little experiment would be to self publish… which has resulted in approximately 32 glorious meltdowns, infinite use of offensive words that have guaranteed my place in hell, 19 episodes of screaming at inanimate objects and 1 amazing editor called Robert to rip my writing apart in the best possible way.

After I stopped with the unnecessary drama and picked up my toys... I was done. I had the lovely guys over at Design For Writers to create my front cover and it was game on!

**You can now download my little ebook over at Amazon AND ALSO over at Smashwords.** It's ALSO available on iBooks, Sony, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

Downloaded fresh and ready to go! Oooooh!

Downloaded fresh and ready to go! Oooooh!

“Recently I read a quote by American musician Frank Ocean, which said: ‘If someone breaks your heart, just punch them in the face. Seriously, punch them in the face, and go get ice cream.’ I instantly fell in love with this, as it captured exactly how I felt after the self-pity and dramatic wailing had subsided.” (Mouth Open Story Fell Out)

If you enjoy my ramblings here then hopefully you may like this… and if you don’t… then that’s ok too!

One love people and thanks!

Shem :)