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Yep this title reads like a school essay but trust me... the content is probably not gonna be terribly intellectual... mainly because I can't be arsed to really put a lot of effort into it... So don't judge me! We all know who the diva of all things immense is right... Beyoncé... because if you don't then honey I have no time for you. Click the X in the corner of your screen and do one! 
Let me set the scene... you're in your local discotheque... you've sank way too many alcoholic beverages to the point where you don't understand how you got wrecked so easily so you start accusing everyone who will listen that your drink has the distinctive taste of Rohypnol... and then the DJ plays a song which has you rushing the dance floor. You're dancing like no-one is watching... even though everyone can see you and are pointing and laughing, and as the chorus kicks in... you scrunch up your face, close your eyes and belt out the lyrics into an empty beer bottle. This my friend is the classic scenario called... jamming out with your clam out... or simply making a dick of yourself to one of your guilty pleasure songs. 

I have only really been in love once thus far but I think this is due to change. I have fallen arse over tits in love with Adele… well to be more precise… I have fallen in love with her new album 21 which has smashed the top 10 in the UK album charts this week. I wasn’t particularly ‘feeling’ her first album 19, but when my best buddy’s fella posted a You Tube clip of her track ‘Someone Like You’ on Facebook… I cried. Oh and I fell in love with this Grammy award winner right there and then.