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The fanciful thoughts of holidays to far flung destinations are enough to fill you with warm fuzzy feelings as you leave cold miserable En-ger-land and disembark onto a land of sexy sunshine. No work, no worries, no brainer. Airports are supposed to be (in my head anyways) the middle man between you and 500 degrees in the Caribbean seas! The transaction from you to your hotel resort should be smooth and hassle free… as if you are floating on a cloud of jelly babies. So why is it when you get to an airport there often are so many issues which makes you wanna throw your passport at the bird on the check in desk and offer to give the dude on security a paper cut with your boarding card!

After 2 months in Asia where you understood the constant pointing and stares highlighting the fact that you were not a local, I thought coming back to Australia for a second time would be super easy. We could just relax and blend into the background without having randoms stare you out for 15 mins straight, whilst chowing down on your chicken thai green curry in a small restaurant. Well once again I totally got this so very wrong.

The first time I went to Oz it was pretty much a month of loud mouthed British 18 - 30s indulging in drinking stupid amounts at night and sleeping in the day with some cultural sights thrown in the mix that you were too hungover to fully appreciate.

So like most twenty somethings stuck in a mind numbing job that started out as Xmas temp work (fast forward 2 half years later and you're still stuck at the same 'temp' job, the same desk, answering the same phone to the same arsey customers who are blaming you for ruining their kids Christmas!) you get itchy feet again to go and get your travel on. Well, even if you didn't... I did. Don't get me wrong my job was all good to a point... the point when I realised that I actually needed to do something instead of staying comfortable. It would be my second time leaving the country on a mad travel extravaganza, but this time for 6 months of good times on a budget of about 23 pence. But screw it... I was going before I began frothing at the mouth and spacking out due to the boredom of my London life.
The 2008 Olympics had just kicked off and the buzz from the Birds Nest in Beijing China was resonating around the world. I was super excited to jack in my jobs and knob off to see what the rest of the world had to offer. First stop... Beijing baby!