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Last weekend I frequented 2 of 4 well known gay bars in Dublin’s fair city along with my gay husband and straight wife. A few cheeky drinks that had me attempting to channel Beyoncé but if I’m honest… I was such a drunken monstrosity, that I wasn’t even Michelle!

To my second class citizen queer,

Hi! How are you? Things with my ‘straight is great’ family are just super right now. How’s your fruitless and non-conformist illicit affair with your partner of 12 years going? I mean I get you’re in love blah blah, own a home together and host truly exquisite house parties with mimosa’s in crystal glasses, but when are you gonna get out of this phase?

It has been a good while since my heart has truly ached from viewing a TV documentary. I mean I cry at animated cold and flu adverts so it doesn’t take much, but this 2-part programme on homosexuality presented by openly gay and fabulous Stephen Fry, really wrecked my head. Not just as a gay woman but as a human being. In fairness my friend did text me beforehand to say “Shem… DO NOT watch this!” because she knew I would act like a crazy person as a result. And sweet baby Jesus she was right…