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The shit we do to look good. Despite popular belief… looking this Van Damme fine is hard yo! The way in which I cleverly sculpt my ginger (yep I said ginger!) ‘fro and the effortless way my loud ass t-shirts clash with everything I own, takes a skill of which only true dickheads can harness. We all have a style whether we like to admit it or not. And we all have that one item of clothing we continue to rock which is clearly 28 sizes too small… but you feel the need to squeeze your fat ass into it like some hairy midget contortionist from the circus.

Does my bum look big in this…? Yes. Yes it does.

At the beginning of the year everyone goes mental and decides that it’s a new year so it's a new start which is loosely translated as ‘shit… I got FAT!’ and so you need to drop the dirty Crimbo weight and get back into those jeans which used to be baggy on you. Then fast forward 4 weeks and 1 overly expensive gym membership later… you realise you only have been to the gym once and that was your induction day. Soooo…  as you rock back and forth in the foetal position silently weeping, you weigh up the pros and cons of picking up an eating disorder as you tuck into your 28th slice of pizza. After this fabulous self-inflicted drama you then decide that you will get fit for the summer as more of you will be on show, and unless you want to get harpooned by some fisherman who has mistaken you for a gigantic whale, you need to get on it friend!