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Christmas is so close I can almost smell the emotional breakdown I’m bound to have when I arrive home! The kind of meltdown at the thought of spending time with my crazy family as I eat myself into a diabetic coma… because I fail to practice restraint when eating a box of Celebrations. I love my family to the moon and back… but it can be tricky when you’re a grown ass person and your parents still treat you like you’re 10… whilst casually forgetting that I don’t like penis! “So Shem, have you got a boyfriend yet?” Nope. Still very much one of those gays you read about in the news mum! Navigating the Christmas dinner conversation in my household is super important for a successful outcome where we’re still all on talking terms before Downton Abbey’s Christmas special. So here are 5 subjects to steer clear off if you know what’s good for you!