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I’m a self-proclaimed idiot who often finds illogical comfort in wallowing in self-pity… usually caused by dramatic events I have created myself. Yes I am that talented. Things maybe going superbly in my life but no no… wait… how about I just sprinkle a little bit of fucked up-ness here (because surely having a peaceful content life is the work of the devil), and sit back and watch this shit get real! Doesn’t that just sound peachy?! I sometimes can’t help overthink unnecessary situations to ruin a perfectly normal Thursday morning. Do I do it to keep myself grounded… or do I just enjoy being mental?! So as sharing is caring, I thought I would list 8 sure fire ways to wreck your buzz! No no… thank you!
So I’m nearly 30. Sucks to be me. Although ‘they’ say (‘they’ being a mythical creature made up by scientists… probably… to make losers feel better about themselves) that life starts at 30. They also say life starts at 40 so this statement is already flawed but stay with me! As I look back over the wondrous years of my youth I not only smile and cringe and cry in equal measures, but I also find myself gasping over the insanely risky often scary shiz I put myself through. When I indulge in stories of ‘that one time I was hideously drunk’ we all know that the ending maybe humorous coupled with a fresh bout of self-loathing… but also straight up dangerous. Why did/do we do stupid shit? For ‘a laugh’… for the attention… because we didn’t know any better… or all of the above?!
Those of us who are 80s babies but were brought up in the 90s come from a generation of being absolute and utter dickheads. Fact. We were brought up in an age where our mums and dads grafted their ass off to provide for us kiddies, sucking up the responsibility and hard work. The ‘struggle’ for my parents consisted of enduring racism and poverty… whereas I only ‘struggle’ with getting up in the mornings. Our parents also married super young and popped out babies in their early twenties… and this was apparently fine. (I remember thinking I wanted to be just like my parents with marrying at 21 and kids by 22… I clearly was super delusional) And then us fuckwits came along and lived in a world where things were relatively safe and normal. But not content with this ‘normality’ we felt the need and STILL feel the need to live our lives like an episode of Heartbreak High! Drama – rama! My friend summed things up quite delightfully the other day in an email conversation…