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So I’m black. No shit. Both my parents are from the Caribbean however my brother and I were born and bred in a small town in Buckinghamshire England where we both attended a very white middle class school. Our friends lived in the country, owned horses and their parents allowed them to drink alcohol at 14 as long as it was under their roof! And by their roof I mean a huge MTV crib style house with hot tubs and hookers in the sauna! The hookers were a lie. My brother and I owned goldfish, lived on a council estate and got told off for drinking too much fizzy pop before dinner. 99% of my friends now are white and that 1% is my brother and the old dude who would nod and say hello to me every time I walked through the town. My upbringing maybe on the ‘white side’ (a nonsensical term I just made up!) but there’s no getting away from the characteristics attributed to my skin colour, afro hair and overly dramatic hand gestures.

Here are 10 ‘things’ that prove this as played in the style of the "I have never" drinking game! Why... because drinking is fun.

October is Black History month in the UK and so far as a black British woman, I have done feck all to celebrate this… and pretty sure changing my cover photo on Facebook to Mr T from the A Team doesn’t count. I used to have t-shirt that said “Black is Beautiful” in bold across the front… but my mates took the piss outta me so it subsequently doubled up as nightwear. (Part time warrior of fighting the power!) So in order to tune into my ‘blackness’ and give respect and a wee nod to my race, I thought I would throw some words in the direction of the black slave trade that took place from the 16th century through to the 19th… or more importantly… my rage when it’s masked and trivialized with a fairytale ending.

Now stay with me people!!

Ok so we all know that 'back in the day' black folk were not exactly treated so well... and that's me sugar coating it for fear my inner angry black woman will turn this blog post into a Black Panther seminar! We've all seen 'The Help'... we all know that Dr Martin Luther King had a dream... and we all know about no blacks, no Irish, no dogs up in here! But way back before the civil rights movement hit the U S of A in the 1960s, black people were nothing more than a cheap commodity for affluent white folk to use and abuse at will. Below are 7 vintage ads saturated in racism that would be horrifically shocking to us today... but back in 'the good old days' were nothing short of GENIUS advertising for the white majority. Enjoy!