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For those brave enough to sack off the real world for an undefined amount of time, and throw themselves into living a ‘nomadic’ lifestyle whilst clutching the latest edition of Lonely Planet… you will know that shit changes when indulging in the backpacker way of life. You need to “improvise, adapt and overcome” certain issues in order to fully appreciate your trip; otherwise you are just another moaning muppet who needn’t have bothered booking a plane ticket. Here are five helpful 'you should know this' tips on not falling into the trap of being a complete dickhead when travelling.
So I’m nearly 30. Sucks to be me. Although ‘they’ say (‘they’ being a mythical creature made up by scientists… probably… to make losers feel better about themselves) that life starts at 30. They also say life starts at 40 so this statement is already flawed but stay with me! As I look back over the wondrous years of my youth I not only smile and cringe and cry in equal measures, but I also find myself gasping over the insanely risky often scary shiz I put myself through. When I indulge in stories of ‘that one time I was hideously drunk’ we all know that the ending maybe humorous coupled with a fresh bout of self-loathing… but also straight up dangerous. Why did/do we do stupid shit? For ‘a laugh’… for the attention… because we didn’t know any better… or all of the above?!