Don’t Tell Me It’s Not About Race!

So here’s the thing. Trump is the President-elect of the United States. Some of you may have cheered but I’m fairly certain that many people cried real tears. I soaked up an entire 24 hours of wallowing and reading numerous articles that made me want to strap on a proton pack and take to the streets on an ill-fated crusade. A whole 24 hours I will never get back. I mourned for the loss of humanity and basic common sense… and then I wrote a childlike ditty on par with a nursery rhyme... all about my feels…

So after I picked up my toys… I, like everyone else on the planet had to suck up the fact that it is what it is. No matter how much I still have pyrotechnic tendencies whenever I see Donny Trump’s stupid face. 

Just like Brexit I am appalled with the outcome. However, what has rendered me completely dumbfounded is the notion that some folk genuinely do not think that supporting Trump has ANYTHING to do with being a racist cockroach. Now you can throw your chat and ideology ripped from a well versed textbook of ‘how to win arguments but piss off the entire planet’ at me if you like… but anyone who can’t see that Donald Trump is a platform to projectile vomit hate, deserves to be repeatedly spanked with the DVD box set of Roots… and then bitch slapped with 12 Years A Slave.

Those who voted for Trump and to leave the EU handed uneducated, patriarchal enablers a splurge gun to attack those who are considered ‘other’. Whether that’s the LGBT+ community, ethnic minorities, Muslims or females. People are running scared. It’s a fucking disaster movie but Will Smith is missing in action… and Bruce Willis isn’t here to kill the baddies or drill a hole in an asteroid to avert a global catastrophe.

You can dress up the voting demographic and their intentions as much as you like. “Something something… the NHS… something something immigration laws…” The one true absolute I believe in is thus… Trump and Brexit tapped into the fear and hate bubbling inside most individuals. We all want change but instead of a grown up conversation between both sides of the argument… we were left super confused and then gifted the power to make a monumental decision based on the following:

Presidency election: Vote for some mad man with shit hair, no experience, who wants to build walls, grab pussy and possibly have sexual relations with his own daughter… OR some woman who just isn’t Trump! Oh and she's bezzos with Jay-Z and Beyonce so must be cool right…?!

Brexit: Vote to stay in the EU for reasons nobody really understands… OR to leave the EU because I hate my Polish co-worker and Mr Patel who lives two doors down from me is incredibly annoying. Jolly good.

We all played ourselves and now we all have to deal with this fractured dystopian climate. So if you voted for Trump or championed leaving the EU, please do not avoid the obvious to make yourself feel better.

Do not tell me that racism amongst Trump and Brexit supporters is a misconception. Do not tell me that hate crime directly after the results of the votes was a glitch in the Matrix. Just please PLEASE do not sit there and tell me that disdain for minority groups played no role in this tumultuous cluster fuck I like to fondly refer to as 2016.

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