Just Because You Have An Opinion It Doesn’t Make You Right

Do you ever have days where you decide “Hey I know what… I’m going to read ALL the hateful and upsetting comments on the internet about a subject or issue that I care deeply for… because ya know… self flagellation and depression is a hoot!” No… just me?! Awks. My newsfeed on Facebook at the moment is a continuous flow of support for the same sex marriage referendum in Ireland on May 22nd. I unfortunately will not be voting due to my crummy British accent (and because I’m not actually an Irish citizen) It’s wonderful to see so much support for the LGBT community. Personally being a card-carrying lesbo who resides in Ireland, this referendum gets me right in the feels!

It’s awesome to see so many people down with the ‘Yes to marriage equality’ but of course like any vote in a democratic society… there is always those pesky folk who go out of their way to oppose what is essentially a human right. Being British and obviously non Irish, I initially tried to dodge full on hysterical debates with regards to the drama surrounding this vote, only for fear of having a “You’re not even Irish… this has nothing to do with you… yeah so’s your mum!” thrown in my face. And yes on a basic level that is correct. But then I figured if I wanted to marry an Irish lady then I would want to say “I do” to someone who is legally allowed to get married in her home country. (Also Irish weddings are like a festival weekender of booze and banter… and I want in on those celebrations!) Some people have argued that gay people already have civil partnership and the idea of marriage is just a step too far... as it’s a bastardisation of ‘the family.’ But I put this to them… Getting down on one knee with a flash mob gospel choir… on roller skates… to say, “will you civil partnership me?” is not just a mouthful but it is also not by definition the same as marriage. PLUS the fact that being proposed to with such clinical words is as romantic as a meal deal for one from Pizza Hut!

I enjoy freedom of speech like the next person and standing up to make a difference. It’s also super important because lets face it… we all have zero confidence in the people in charge who often make wild unintelligible decisions on our behalf. And yes for certain social and political matters an open debate weighing up the pros and cons are sometimes necessary when trying to reach a verdict.  HOWEVER… Same sex marriage is NOT one of those subjects that should be up for discussion.

It’s like raising your hand to decide on whether bullying is justified… or whether black people are allowed to sit at the front of the bus. Some delightful individuals, who like to talk jive online whether they’re opposing the referendum or are still unsure, are simply pissing me off. Not because they don’t agree with my point of view, but because they are not giving sense or reason as to why they do not want this monumental vote to pass.

Instead they are hiding behind “Adam and Eve… not Adam and Steve!” and their right to an opinion. If I hear one more time “But we live in a democracy” or “Well that’s just my opinion” to defend their watery argument... I’m gonna turn on CAPS LOCK and shit will get real! Because you see, THAT unfortunately is not good enough. Just because you believe you are entitled to an opinion or you find what I’m saying offensive… does not mean you are right or that I’m supposed to give a shit. The exact same principle stands to anyone rivalling my train of thoughts on the matter. Just because I say you’re an asshole and your archaic opinions are regressive and insulting… doesn’t make me right.

But for the purpose of this being MY blog… I am totally right.

I struggle to see why two gay people getting married is anyone's fucking business. The marital status of two gay men or two gay women will have no effect on your life... except maybe your bank balance will implode because gay weddings will financially ruin you! Fact. Especially for that 'quick whip-round' when you're asked to contribute to the reasonable purchase of a unicorn for the happy couple! I believe the right to marry the person you love should just be written in as 'a given'. Then we all can focus our efforts on bigger issues like climate change, poverty... and a viral ad campaign to make season 3 of HBO's Looking.

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