E-bailing: Another Way To Piss Off Your Friends!

Most days I go through a mental struggle of whether to close my Facebook account or not. I usually have a love/hate relationship with it but I’m finding that the ‘hate’ surpasses the love… especially on days when I’m hungry and wanna punch inanimate objects if someone doesn’t feed me a cheeseburger. However I always stay with Facebook because I use it for work, my blog and to keep in touch with mates. (Just joking… I use it to stalk the crap outta strangers so I can measure my life against theirs!) And let’s not forget, nothing says I love our friendship more than a ‘like’ and an ‘LOL’ when the conversation dries up.

One of the biggest reasons I stay juiced up with the Book of Face is for the ‘events’ created. A party ain’t a party until you have it set up on the interweb. Let’s face it… it’s easy and hassle free and if you’re hosting you get to invite your friends without having to actually talk to them! Winner. But with the option to invite friends by means of an invisible invitation online, people feel no obligation to partake so they simply ignore your invite or better still… click ‘yes’ even though they have zero intention to follow through. Oh... and by ‘people’ I am totally including myself in this ugly tendency to be a complete cock!

Back in the day before the domination of social media (and before we all had our heads so far stuck up our holes with how cool our smartphones make us look), people were fairly decent with everyday etiquette. If you were invited to an event you would accept or decline by hardcopy RSVP (I know imagine!) or by simply moving your mouth and saying yes or no. Everyone knew when the date of the party was, what time to meet and the venue. It only took one phone call to arrange and you would be there next Saturday, outside the cinema and you were ten minutes early! There were no misconstrued blurred details, no democratic voting systems so everyone felt involved…  and no scrolling through an entire thread of text messages because you weren’t paying attention! You just got on board because you respected the effort the host was making.

If you couldn’t make it then you said so and then you apologised profusely for not being able to represent. AND if you could make, you just showed up… had a glorious time and all was well in the world. If there was an emergency and you had to bail last minute, you put more of an effort into concocting an amazing story involving a wild raccoon and a distant relative dying. There was none of this cancelling at the last minute and hiding behind the screen of a phone purely because you couldn’t be arsed.

We have turned into selfish schmucks where we think it’s perfectly fine to cancel on friends without really giving a shit. Sending a generic text on the day of the event saying “sorry I can’t make it but have fun and we must meet up soon” is only going to piss folks off… so why do we do it?! We all know that you couldn’t be bothered to come or had no intentions in the first place, so why not just say: “Soz but I’m more excited about making a fort of cushions and blankets on my couch… AND THEN eat Doritos that originally missed my mouth off my chest… than commit to this thing I already said I would go to!”

Our phones and social media have made it super easy for us to sack shit off! If it compromises our precious time then sure… a last minute text will do. If you don’t wanna do something just grow a vagina and say so! E-bailing is for the weak!  

And so ends the rant of the lady who is still waiting on a cheeseburger.

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