Maya Angelou


My all time favourite poem is Still I Rise by Maya Angelou, which I printed off on bright yellow piece of paper a few years ago... and then stuck it on the wall above my computer. It was to serve as a daily reminder that when things in life get truly shit… I can have a little word with myself and snap out of my funk despite what others may think. I know right… deep!

One of the world’s finest literary greats passed away last week and it made me feel pretty miserable. Maya Angelou’s words did things to me! Awesome fuzzy things. I realize I will sound like some sycophantic fool with shouts of “oh my gaaawd she was such an inspiration to me!” but I can’t help it… she really was. Not just as a fabulous wordsmith who I would one day aspire to be as beautifully articulate as, but her work as a civil rights activist was also staggering. She was one heck of a powerful lady smashing through barriers and racial prejudice in a time when being black in society was a dangerous uphill struggle. It was only after reading her first autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings that the power and the bravery in her poetry all made sense.


I’ve written about her before but today I just wanted to acknowledge the late great Dr Maya Angelou by remixing her poem Still I Rise as an mp3. Something I have never done before despite the fact that I clearly love the sound of my own voice! It’s a very simple almost predictable ditty and the audio was all in one take because I have little patience and no idea how to edit! So please be kind and stay with me... as I’m already slightly mortified at how ridiculous I sound!

… sleep easy Marguerite.

Here's an excerpt of the amazingness of Maya Angelou.

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