What's Your Goosebump Song?


I love a good old key change in a song. Some belter of a track that throws the switch in your head ever so slightly off beat... and makes you feel for perhaps all of 10 seconds that you are THE shit! It may only be seconds of euphoric bliss, but for those 10 seconds... honey you owned it! You made that guitar riff your bitch and smashed the back out of the vocals you will never be able to do justice… despite your giddy heart screaming “OH MY GAAAAWD you TOTALLY could win The X Factor!”

A while ago I asked some friends what is that one track that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What is your goosebump track?

A song that gives you the chills or frisson is an involuntary action that is stimulated by… some shit in your brain! Listen… I tried to look into the science of this but I got distracted by a trailer for ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’. A song that gives you goosebumps is an excitable, unexpected phenomenon up there with kissing your crush for the first time and eating a delicious heart attack burger. It can inspire and invigorate your soul maaaan! You can also attach emotions to these songs from memories good or bad, purely because ‘your’ song evokes a time and place where you were emo-ing outta your mind!

Not gonna lie… my experiment was a fairly disastrous one as not many people replied to me *insert sad smiley face here* BUT to those who did get on board… it was cool to see what makes them fist pump the air and most importantly why. There were songs that reminded them of the summer, falling in love, family right across to full on patriotism and sadness. My personal goosebump songs have the power to completely overturn a truly shit day or to empower me with a false sense of wellbeing when all around me maybe falling spectacularly apart. I can put on my headphones and walk down the street to my own music video. I will then proceed to montage the shit out of my day like an amazingly bad 80s soft rock band.


So... just because it’s a casual Wednesday, I'm less than an hour into my day AND I am trying desperately to find joy and serenity in an Excel spreadsheet right now, I thought I would crank up the music and lift my mood. I also have made a playlist of all the goosebump songs my friends shared with me. Maybe they will have the same effect on you… or maybe you are already judging me and everyone else on their music choices. Enjoy!

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