Friday Rant: Turning A Blind Eye

A few weeks ago I posted a ridiculous pic of myself on Facebook posing as Beyoncé with a mad face wearing green glasses. This was the offending image below…

It received a few decent likes and my only reason for uploading it was because I’m hilarious, adorable and a HOOT! I also enjoy embracing all things juvenile.

A few days after this great spectacle, I shared a video of a black dude in Scotland being racially attacked verbally and physically by two scumbags. A totally unprovoked sickening barrage of abuse purely because the white guys felt aggrieved by the colour of the black guy’s skin. It was the kind of video clip that made me irrationally angry at inanimate objects. So naturally I threw a cushion across the room and started yelling gloriously aggressive words like "fucking fuck fuckers!" at my poor defenceless coffee table.

This time I wanted people to see how crazy the world is and in some shape or form start a debate whether online or in our own heads. By sharing the video I was inviting people to raise arms and fight a just war against atrocious racist crimes! But of course online… and through the power of caps lock, gifs and memes.

But alas not one person liked or commented on the video.

I knew a few friends had watched it but they didn’t respond because it was too controversially unpleasant and perhaps some didn’t want to be confronted with real life on a casual Wednesday evening. The fact that not one of my 262 Facebook friends had anything to say about it, but would throw likes and comments at a stupid photoshopped pic of Shem-yoncé, led me to this conclusion…

We, us, you… me… would rather live in a make believe bubble of fun, rainbows, glitter and unicorns, sashaying our way through life like an 80s power ballad! (And yes I am fully aware that I have just described a gay utopian society.) We want pleasantries and non offensive impartial conversations instead of having to deal with shit that effects our daily lives. The kind of shit that makes me question myself, my beliefs and the world I live in on a daily basis. However many of us decide to side step anything that we are uncomfortable with. I mean, fair enough. It’s your own prerogative to take notice and react to causes you deem relevant, but is this just not ignorance disguised?

Sure, commenting on a video will not directly expunge racism out of planet earth. Clicking ‘like’ on Facebook would be as helpful as hanging a Martin Luther King picture on my bedroom wall. BUT ignoring it altogether doesn’t help either. Nobody enjoys bearing witness to oppression in all it’s ugly forms and nuances, but pretending it just isn’t happening so you can protect your emotions, makes me far more furious than watching an innocent black dude being racially abused.

Have a bloody opinion for the love of God! Make a stand and express how you feel regardless of who you may potentially offend. Your life maybe quite cosy down there… with your head planted firmly in the sand… but a little enthusiastic “fuck you and everything you stand for!” outta you wouldn’t go amiss. 

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