Why Not?

Sometimes we all need to sit down and have a word with ourselves. Trying to figure out what you’re doing with your life is hard. Trying to figure out what you’re doing and then have someone tell you that you can’t is even harder. It’s the kind of dizzy existential thoughts you have just before you go to bed at night after your body says “Shit, I’m exhausted.” But your brain is all like “wooo hooo… let’s stay up til 5am over thinking everything, because an emotional breakdown sounds like a hoot!” We all have dreams whether it’s something huge like emptying your bank account to go vagabonding around the world, or something small like trying to fit your fat ass into a cute outfit that has CLEARLY been fashioned for dwarfed children with an eating disorder... despite the tag saying it’s in your size. But I digress…

We all should dream BIG. Like why the hell not? Dream as big and as ludicrously as you can, then follow it through even when those around you are ripping your dream apart with reality. It’s that look they give you when you declare something bold. That confused look as they say “but why?”

Well fuck you that’s why!

We all know those clichéd inspirational quotes of living it large, doing what you love… you only have one life and all that jazz. The kind of quotes that read like greeting card messages in swirly nauseating italic font. I dare one more person to tell me to reach for the stars and be the best person I can be! They bug the shit out of me at times. Not just because the sentiment can sometimes be unrealistic and stink of cheese, but because they stand as a constant reminder that at the age of 31 I am still not doing what I really love. What is it that I am waiting for? That I can maybe get to 32 and still wave my fist at the world cursing because I procrastinated the shit outta another year?!

Now a little perspective if you will. My parent’s neighbours have just been told that their 16 year old daughter has cancer. Six-bloody-teen. At that age I was pretending to fancy boys and getting intoxicated on a bottle of Lambrini.

Cancer... you are an absolute asshole.

Waiting for an epiphany that only comes due to tragic events is ridiculous. I’ve had an epiphany after every significant death I’ve experienced, after every heartbreak I’ve endured and after every time I’ve dramatically thrown myself onto a bed bawling my eyes out like a Disney princess! Yay me for wanting to get my shit together because life has metaphorically punched me in the vagina, but I don’t want to wait for something bad to happen just so I can claw my way to success. I wanna have an attempt at something awesome now just because it’s a normal Thursday and I still have a pulse.

It’s been said by philosophical thinkers who make my ramblings seem like a 5 year old with a crayon, that the only certain thing in life is death, yet when someone dies… nobody is ever prepared. Some of us don’t live out our dreams because we always think there’s tomorrow. ”I’ll be my own superhero tomorrow” she said, “because right now there’s a cat playing the piano on telly that I just can’t miss!” she continued. However life is finite and time refuses to accommodate anyone of us.

We should all live our lives in a most spectacular whimsical fashion because why not! Live your life so hard, so loud and so passionately unadulterated that The Westboro Baptist Church lose their mind and simply must picket your funeral! Don’t let those who question you with “yeah but why?” throw you off, and don’t be afraid to fail. Another fine cliché that some viewers may find offensive… Or it may just cause a retinal sprain as you roll your eyes! Either way… you know it makes sense.

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