Random Acts Of Kindness: A Thought.

I was sat on a plane heading back to Dublin a few months back and this middle aged woman sitting next to me offered me a sweet. There was no build up to her reaching out or those chats bitching about Ryanair being the shittest airline in the world. Ya know... when you look at a fellow stranger for support and you both roll your eyes and tut really loudly as acknowledgement that you're all in it together! She just opened a packet of Starburst and turned to offer me one. So naturally I thought it was a trick and this little lady was pushing drugs on me. STRANGER DANGER!!

But after I hesitated for a time that was way too long and awkward for all involved, I smiled and realized she wasn’t a drug dealer after all because this actually wasn’t a Liam Neeson movie and nobody was getting Taken. She was just being nice. By the time I had chowed down on my second sweet, I had forgotten all about how much I wanted to end my own life at the hands of Ryanair's piss poor customer service. A random act of kindness from absolutely nowhere. I thought to myself, would I do something like that? The answer was very swift and precise. No… Not because it’s deemed socially a bit odd to offer a stranger your food, but I just don’t share!

I often like to smother those who work in shops with being overly nice. I will 'please' and 'thank you ever so much' the hell outta anyone sat behind a till. Not in a patronizing way, but because I know working a shift in retail and having asshole members of public scream at you for no reason except fuck you that’s why, is truly horrible. My father always said that common courtesy and manners don’t cost a thing, so offer it up a little more. (Well... actually... my dad would say it in a heavy West Indian accent and use imagery such as a coconut tree, curry goat and the black slave trade to illustrate his point!) Sometimes there’s just no need to take your shitty mood out on anyone.

Well… sometimes you do need to overturn tables and ask to see the manager, because ya know... you’re menstruating and kinda hungry.

All joking aside, I do think spontaneous high fives and gratitude are amazing. Throwing out good vibes to strangers may appear to be bonkers or like you’re taking part in a hidden camera show, but if it perks up someone’s day then why the hell not! We're all so self involved in our own life forgetting that the world doesn't actually revolve around you and why there's no wifi in McDonalds. Some people have real life problems, and a moment of showing some love can work wonders.

So I implore you all who take the time to read my bumbling blog to go forth and surprise a stranger with kindness! This ‘surprise’ doesn’t need to be indecent full frontal nudity because that’s not kind… that shit is just unnecessary and probably will get you arrested.

Life is so much easier when we’re being nice to each other… don’t you think?



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