Why The Lion King Should Be Studied At School

It’s no secret that I had a love/hate relationship with school. The hate because I was often reprimanded for being a loud mouthed kid with too much sass and not enough self control. And the love because of sports. My fast twitch fibres made me a PE teacher’s wet dream! Plus there were the occasional creative writing exercises that peaked my interest. However my major bug with the literature we studied in English classes was that… well… they were kinda shit.

Ok let me rephrase that, as I’m fully aware I sound like an ignorant Neanderthal. I’m not trying to rebel against a system that has apparently ‘worked’ for years just to show off to my mates in a ‘rebel without a clue’ guise. All I’m saying is I couldn’t relate to any of my English Lit novels or plays apart from Shakespeare’s Othello… and that was purely because it had a black dude in it! If I can’t relate… then you’ve lost me at hello.

Thom Gunn, Ted Hughes, L.P Hartley and Thomas Hardy with your Return of the arsing Native… can all do one! My brain was confounded with poetic imagery wrapped in an enigma and glitter bombed with the same amount of complexity as a fucking Rubik’s Cube. For two solid years of trying to pass at least one A Level I had irony, betrayal, love triangles and how the backdrop of a heath was a metaphor for the anguish of a character stuffed down my throat!

Where was the drama? The comedy of errors? And the totally inappropriate lust over the anti-hero?!

So basically I think the curriculum needs to be overhauled... post haste! Let’s all just take a second and appreciate the amazingness of… The Lion King! Now before you roll your judgmental eyes at this 1994 Disney classic… and scold me for my churlishness… lets just study the facts! AND if you still believe my aggressive campaign (of colourful post-it notes on a virtual pin board) is highly ridiculous… then you are wrong. 

The Lion King equips us with the life skills to be awesome people and to deal with daily struggles of... ya know... survival and that. AND reclaiming your rightful place on Pride Rock! Children need to know how to navigate themselves in and around the craziness of the big wide world. Something I don't think you can find in a frustrating poem of love disguised as war but is not about love at all... just war.

See Ya Later Friend

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