16 Amazing Things That Make You Feel Good

So the sun is out and being a British girl living in Dublin I feel compelled to be cynical and slag all the overly enthusiastic people who truly believe they’re in the fucking Caribbean… and not a country who rely heavily on fake tan because their pale skin has an angry reaction with the sun. But being easily led and yearning to be accepted by my Irish brothers and sisters, I too find myself getting giddy and wanting to burn like a bitch, grasping a pint of Bulmers and refusing to move out of direct sunlight because I’m scared it will be gone all too soon. So instead of whinging and finding everything and everyone offensive, I figured I would focus on all the things that may make you feel awesome just to accompany this freak heat wave… which is a blatant result of scary global warming issues I don’t have the attention span to understand... because I’m too busy enjoying the cancer from the sun.


When a complete stranger gives you a compliment and they’re not a junkie or charity fundraiser in a bright yellow tabard blocking your way down the high street.


When an old favourite song from 1998 pops up in shuffle on your Walkman and it’s not so embarrassingly loud the person sat next to you on the bus judges you. #SClub7.


When a friend cancels on a night out you didn’t wanna go to anyways.


When you find a fiver in your pocket, which in the grand scheme of things won’t buy you jack shit… but it’s always nice.


When you do a big Tesco shop and your cupboards are wonderfully stocked with delicious snacks you consume that same day because you got over excited.


That week you get paid and you feel like fucking Daddy Warbucks for approx 3 days.


When all your pants are in the wash and you’ve failed to actually do the washing, BUT you find one fresh pair sneakily hiding at the back of your drawer. Result!


When you think you’ve lost your phone and you frisk yourself in a frenzied seizure fashion… also experiencing what can only be described as a mini but mighty heart attack, for you to realize it’s actually just in your hand.


When someone who you consider way cooler than yourself ‘likes’ one of your Facebook status’.


When your whole face is congested with a cold and all of sudden both your nostrils just for a few sweet moments, work as a team and you can breathe again.


Peeling off sheets of sunburnt skin, making that disgusted face… but secretly loving it.


When your crush laughs at your joke that wasn’t remotely funny. Yes they probably just feel sorry for you but it feels good.


When you lose weight without even trying, and your thighs no longer rub together so vigorously your vagina explodes into flames.


When you experience a super nice shop person who doesn’t have a face on them or Jedi mind tricks you into feeling guilty for having them do their fecking job!


Waking up in a panic and then realizing you don’t have to be up for another 3 hours yet.


Road trips with your best friend, winding down the window and screaming the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ with no shame.

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