17 Reasons Why London Is Pretty Cool

I miss London. There I said it! Granted I moved outta the big smoke because I felt like a little part of me was dying every time I boarded the tube… but I had been living there for 10 years since I was 18 yr old youth, so the awesome-ness of the city had well and truly eroded away as well as ravaging my innocence and corrupting my morals! However there’s no denying that the city is pretty cool. Everyone needs to live in London once. Even if it’s to be broke for that whole year, living with strangers and trying to convince yourself that your job in media sales is EXACTLY what you wanted to do when you graduated from uni with your Media Studies degree… and not to be on TV… at all.  London offers you the opportunity to be who you want, when you want because generally nobody gives a shit as long as it means they don’t have to make eye contact and talk to you. Here are a few reasons why London is very cool…

1. Everyone knows someone who lives there. So you will not be totally lonely, but forever bumping into someone who knows someone who you once swapped saliva with at a house party.

2. There’s lots of free shit to do! If you’re big into galleries or museums then happy days… London has loads. People are always holding free events and Time Out magazine is your bible when it comes to having a busy social life with just enough money on your Oyster Card to get you home.

3. Your favourite music artist/band will be playing in one of its many venues at some point… soon.

4. You don’t have to talk to strangers or anyone for that matter! Nobody expects a conversation so you can be a moody asshole without having to apologise.

5. Online dating is not seen as hideous crime against your self-respect. It’s totally fine to go on dates with a randoms on the interweb without having to lie to your friends about where you met!

6. London is so ethnically diverse which is always nice! Your skin colour, clothes and accent are just not special enough!

7. Cost of living is crazy high, but your pay should reflect this… usually! Sometimes…

8. You will always see famous people… and then say “hi” to them in passing like you actually know them… when you don’t! Awkward exchanges with famous people… totally fun.

9. The shopping is delightful. From the hysteria and panic of Oxford Street to the huge Westfield in Stratford which is the largest urban shopping centre in the EU.

10. Nowhere is ever too far away. Just jump on a plane, train or automobile and you’ll be home in no time!

11. Yes the underground closes at night, but night buses will get you home! Granted the journey maybe an interesting one and the stench of fried chicken might be overwhelming… BUT there’s never a dull moment!

12. After work drinks are mandatory and you will be encouraged to partake most days of the week. And you don’t even have to stress about driving home, because owning a car and living in the city is a luxury you just can’t afford.

13. The West End for its plethora of great theatre’s and performances.

14. Friends from home will think you’re awesome for living it up in London and you can regale them with highly irritating stories of “this one time in London” and when asked where you purchased your jumper, you can reply “oooh from a cute little vintage, ethically friendly, market stall in London… you wouldn’t know it.”

15. You will fall in love at least 8 times a day checking out hot pieces of unattainable ass on the tube.

16. You can go out boozing any day of the week without being judged because there is always something going on in town. Getting pissed is not just restricted to Friday nights or the weekend.

17. Once you get your head around the tube map you will feel like a fucking champion especially when a tourist asks you for directions and you can now correctly point the way!

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