Idealistically speaking

I am a sucker for inspiring quotes and teachings and just general shit people say that make you go “oh yeah… you’re right!” and subsequently influence you to quit your 9 – 5 job to ‘find yourself.’ I even remember taking an assembly at school where I stood in front of roughly 1000 people and talked about ‘feeling the fear’ and ‘reaching for the stars!’ (Obviously I had S Club 7 ‘Reach’ as my backing track! #gangster) Life would be so much easier if these ideals and lessons passed around like cups of age old wisdom were so simple to live out. However if anything, they are incredibly hard to even contemplate let alone follow through. Pessimistic or just keeping shit real?

I know some people dance to the beat of their own drum and generally do what the hell they want, and I admire you. I went to ‘find myself’ travelling… twice! I just came back with debt, huge hair and 3 shades blacker than black! However when you have responsibilities and obligations to something or one, then simply disposing of your boring ass life isn’t so straight forward. It should be if we lived down lollipop lane in a land far away where Unicorns spoke fluent Japanese… but guilt, excuses and that old cheeky chestnut called fear, seems to drag you back down to earth. I for one am not a fan!

I remember walking past a poster on the underground in London a few years back which said something along the lines of “if you don’t like your life, change it.” Now clocking that as I went on my daily commute cursing under my breath but just loud enough for the asshole in front of me who refused to stand on the right of the escalators could hear, came as a massive jolt. Life sucked at that point in my life. I had just been made redundant and I only had the comfort of my flat to ‘escape’ to. A flat I shared with a ginger dude who would indulge in the loudest sex… in the world… ever. Life was appalling. But however all the shitness I felt made me make decisions that ultimately changed my life…

Fast forward 4 years and life is far from ideal but I don’t feel like I’m drowning in a sweat of pure panic every time my alarm goes off in the morning! However it shouldn’t take hitting rock bottom to want to turn your life around. If you’re not feeling where you’re at in life then what the hell are you waiting for… because 9 times out of 10 you’ll still gonna be in the same bullshit position this time next year only with the bitter taste of regret that you didn’t sort yourself out sooner.

Now bear with me as I get on my Oprah high horse…

I’m not saying sack off your job and run away with the circus because you think you will look cute as a trapeze artist in a sparkly outfit… all I’m saying is that our existence is finite. Make good choices and switch it up a little, or your happiness will suffer and you’ll soon be picking up a prescription for anti-depressants from your local chemist like some ashamed heroin user! We’re deluded if we think shit will change if we don’t make it happen ourselves. Yes we all have bills to pay, a family to rear and a lifestyle we have become accustomed to… but stop being a pussy! If you don’t like your life… change it and stop wasting everyone’s time with boring ass stories littered with shoulda woulda couldas.

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