Great Subjects To Argue About

I can pretty much waste a whole day dicking around on the internet finding everything from the surreal to the sublime to the straight up “your Facebook status is so ridiculous it just gave me cancer.” I have abused Google so much that I have nobody but me, myself and I to blame when I misdiagnose myself with a weekly bout of pregnancy and numerous brain tumors after catching a cold. One thing that strikes me, is that every person who has access to the www has all the opinions on everything even if they 100% can’t relate to the subject. All you need is the anonymity of a computer screen/tablet/phone and caps lock… then it’s game on! Digital rioting at it’s finest! Rebels without a fucking clue.

So this got me thinking. There are certain subjects you can throw in the mix both online and offline that are guaranteed to be controversial as hell and warrant the need to hurl inanimate objects at innocent bystanders…. OR insert offensive memes and unnecessary hashtags into the comment section of someone’s high horse rant. Here are just a few to demonstrate my point…


Now I live in Ireland. Heavy on the Catholicism Ireland. The Ireland where abortion is actually illegal Ireland. So I try (and fail miserably!) to refrain from expressing how I’m kinda pro choice depending on what day of the week it is, as it will go down as well as a fabulous chinchilla fur coat at a PETA meeting. Even back at school in the UK the subject of abortion rattled many cages and rightly so… it’s a big deal. Just say the word in a room full of girls and see who gets called a murderer first! Fun.


Ask me what my favourite band is or my all time greatest song and I will stutter for hours contradicting the shit outta myself, then finally concluding that I’m eclectic and appreciate all music tastes. However, make me listen to something specific that has had a lot of media attention, and I will critique the hell outta it and argue until I have forgotten my point. What is it with music that gets everyone so excitable?!

The state of the country

Politics always makes people lose their shit! The greatest arguments are usually spawned from someone who read a one sided satirical debate on Buzzfeed, put 2 and 2 together and came up with 523, a random racial slur and enough ‘credible’ evidence to suggest it’s us sneaky gays wrecking the world… again. We all love to moan! Especially if we get to blame the government for it. So sure, why not… lets share and comment on articles we have no real understanding of… but it makes our profile page look like we’re all intelligent… and stuff.


With child or without child… it doesn’t matter! Because everyone wants to preach about the best methods for raising a child when mostly nobody actually gives a shit what your opinion is. Your kid… your decision. Well… unless you share your rules for disciplining and educating your kid… and then watch cocksure asshole mothers tell you you’re doing it all wrong and you’re not even fit to care for a dead goldfish.


This is the big one. The subject that has caused many wars and many deaths throughout the years... and offered many psychopaths a platform to use God as their reasons for being crazy schmucks! Religion in my opinion is a bunch of vastly different individuals using an abridged version of stories written before dinosaurs, based on hearsay and Chinese whispers… in order to help them live a ‘good’ life. One religion is not superior to another. However, gather various denominations in one room and watch them beat the crap out of each other with principles and scriptures which all say the exact same thing but just with different names.


Some have too much... Many have too little. That’s the argument right there. The world’s economy is fucked. If it’s not one country bailing out another but still ignoring the inhumane struggle of developing countries… it’s idiots protesting to their bored friends how skint they are whilst booking holidays to their private villa in the south of France! Money makes the world go round… but it sure can piss a lot of people off too!

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