7 Amazingly Racist Vintage Ads

Ok so we all know that 'back in the day' black folk were not exactly treated so well... and that's me sugar coating it for fear my inner angry black woman will turn this blog post into a Black Panther seminar! We've all seen 'The Help'... we all know that Dr Martin Luther King had a dream... and we all know about no blacks, no Irish, no dogs up in here! But way back before the civil rights movement hit the U S of A in the 1960s, black people were nothing more than a cheap commodity for affluent white folk to use and abuse at will. Below are 7 vintage ads saturated in racism that would be horrifically shocking to us today... but back in 'the good old days' were nothing short of GENIUS advertising for the white majority. Enjoy!


Because one can only demonstrate the use of white paint by painting over a black child!


This soap is so magical it scrubs the dirty black right off! 


Yep. Sure. Why not.


Nothing quite says delicious pancakes like white dudes sharing a private joke with their slave. She seems happy so maybe she wasn't beaten today. Yay.


White people 'blacking up' is hilarious and fun for everyone... said no one ever.


Bitch please! Mama said knock you out!


This was the inspiration for Michael Jackson. Chemical bleaching sounds like a hoot!

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