6 Mobile Phone Faux Pas


Unless you’re trying to be all retro and old school living a bohemian lifestyle where all you need is a pen and paper to communicate… ORRR you’re poor… pretty much everyone has a smart phone. You know that shiny brick like device you keep checking Facebook on when at dinner in-between mouthfuls of food, or walking down the street oblivious to other pedestrians who need you to get the fuck out the way? Yep… that phone. I’m mad for my phone. It’s an extension of my life and if this makes me shallow and superficial then… I know I am but what are you?!!

But I digress…

There are certain no-no’s and etiquette when owning a smart phone. Like there is. So here in my opinion are 6 ‘things’ one should NOT do when operating heavy machinery or allowing a mate to play with it. Big mistake… HUGE!


Do not try and guess the password on your friend’s phone. You’ll only get it wrong and lock it. And then your mate will pretend that they don’t care when they actually wanna cut you.


When presented with looking at only one photo on the phone, do not then just scan through the entire album without permission. I have done this and still have the image of my friend’s boyfriend’s penis burnt into my retina. #awkward.


Do not read your mates messages. It’s rude and really pisses them off. Plus you will probably find texts bitching about you which will ruin the friendship. Ignorance is bliss so quit snooping.


Do not play music out loud from your phone device on public transport. Nobody needs to hear your shite… but of course nobody will ever say ‘can you please turn that down/off’ as we’re all secretly intimidated by the yoofs who do this.


Do not try and tell me that your non iPhone is better than my iPhone. It’s not. And I’m a little embarrassed for you.


Do not have it stolen. It’s crap and was probably your own fault for displaying it for all to see with an ACME cartoon sign saying “Mug Me!” Replacing a smart phone when you’re not insured… due to the fact you didn’t read the small print… is crap and expensive.

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