You're My Kryptonite


Whether you are single, crushing on someone random, dating or in a full on committed relationship with a joint mortgage… there is ALWAYS someone who you once or still know that makes you crazy! It could be a belly flipping moment because the chemistry is beyond the realms of possibility, or mere moments of fondness as you consider “shit were they the one who got away?” whenever your partner pisses you off! These individuals are usually those who you had a connection with or unfinished business, and no matter where you are in life and no matter how happy you are with your current love… these individuals are your kryptonite and can make you super weak or turn you into a complete dickhead!

Now stop freaking out if you’re one of those people who are in a relationship and love your other half… like loads… having someone who can make your head spin a little is perfectly normal. Well that’s what I think and let’s face it… I’m fucking right. Some peeps will point blank deny that they don’t fancy others because their man/woman are the best thing that ever was created since chips and curry sauce came to be. These are the folk who are just straight up lying and who I worry about the most. If you can’t admit that you’re human then good luck in all your future endeavours with your current relationship… coz it sounds like a pile of shit to me! Nobody is attacking you or suggesting that just because you can spot a hottie in the street or have flutters over another person, instantly means you are cheating. So you can take your ‘no sex before marriage’ attitude, statements of ‘I can’t breathe without them’ and proclamations of ‘the one’ and shove it.

I have friends who are married and who have openly told me that they think about an ex every day. I also have friends who say in front of their partner how they find ‘so and so’ a ride/hot/sexy/if only I could have 5 minutes with them! Those who are comfortable with themselves and in a solid trusting relationship can say these things without having to apologise for a damn thing. Trust in a relationship is what makes stuff like this ok… but trust in a relationship is another ball game altogether and something I will address at another time… when I can be arsed.

Now granted there are some folk who take the attraction to their kryptonite who isn’t their significant other to the extreme. And by extreme I mean those who act on the chemistry/'fanny flutter' and are led by their hormones subsequently cheating usually wrecking a good thing. You see life isn’t a movie! I say this because have you noticed when in a film (usually a rom com) how the leading actor swoops in and steals the heart of their love interest regardless if they’re in a relationship? And do you notice how we actually want and hope the guy or girl to break up a happy home because they make a beautiful couple, and the current beau is fugly and usually a rich arrogant prick trying to close down an orphanage to open a multi storey shopping mall?! Well shit doesn’t actually play out like Hollywood baby. People get hurt… hearts are ruined and nobody is living happily ever after. Ya dig?!

I personally have my kryptonite. In fact I have several because I’m a slut! :) Put me in a situation where they are around me and all of a sudden I’m flicking my non-existent luscious long long hair, giggling like a schoolgirl and wanting ALL of their attention. Now mix this with alcohol and sweet mother of God… the awkward moment when you turn into a whore… and nobody can save you from yourself!

We all have them… that one person who penetrates our thoughts when peeling spuds for your dinner or when a song comes on the radio… or when you walk into a pub and they’re just there. It’s not an alien concept so embrace it… just not too much because then it will probably end in tears!

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