London Riots: Gold Chains & No Brains


Unless you have been stuck under some dutty rock or too busy playing computer games on your newly looted 50 inch flat screen TV, you will know that there is some crazy nonsense going down in London town right now. Everyone has an opinion on these so called 'protests' and riots where some fucking idiots are 'claiming back their taxes' and fighting the oppression of the government... but all you need to know is that MY opinion is golden!

There are muppets out there who are playing 'war' like it's some PS3 game where they think that smashing shit up, setting fire to buildings and people's homes... oh and of course stealing from retailers have no consequences. It's not Grand Theft Auto you absolute tossers where you get extra points for throwing a petrol bomb at some innocents corner shop.

Yes the government is the biggest pain in  ALL our arses and they have been outrageous with certain decisions and laws which have been passed, but direct your energy towards THEM and not members of your own damn community. Yeah sure I know what will help us win the battle... let's burn down our local laundrette... because you know it's those coin operated tumble dryers that have fucked over our country! We're all living in shocking times but just pissing off your neighbour and wrecking other people's lives is not the way. And I'm sorry but all you folks quoting Martin Luther King about 'suppression of human rights' and how this was bound to happen in support of these idiots... can jog the hell on! How dare you use Dr King to 'ok' the situation unfolding and exploding in front of us! I'm all for 'fists in the air'... 'fighting the power' and 'sticking it to the man', but with some intellect and passion that reaches above and beyond the selfish need of fancying a new pair of trainers and wanting a digital camera! That is not fighting the cause... that is just pure pikey behaviour!

I remember years ago I got caught up in pure mob mentality when I participated in what I thought was straight forward anti war protest through London. I was holding up a banner and screaming all sorts until my friend and I stopped and actually read the banners... we didn't have a fucking clue what the placard meant and so we felt incredibly embarrassed and stupid! So we threw the banners down and went to the pub to have a word with ourselves. The only reason I went to 'show my support' was because it got me out of a shit lecture at uni and everyone else was going! (complete FOMO!) The same applies for the criminals running the streets like it's a war movie. They don't even know why they are rioting anymore... there is no point... and there is no reason to allow for such ridiculous madness.

Send in the army... send in the fucking X-Men and every possible Marvel comic hero to drop kick these giant pricks! The lady below is my new hero and fully expresses my sentiments. I hope all the uneducated apes looting tonight step bare foot on a lego brick! Coz that'll show 'em!

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