Dickheads and Drama


Those of us who are 80s babies but were brought up in the 90s come from a generation of being absolute and utter dickheads. Fact. We were brought up in an age where our mums and dads grafted their ass off to provide for us kiddies, sucking up the responsibility and hard work. The ‘struggle’ for my parents consisted of enduring racism and poverty… whereas I only ‘struggle’ with getting up in the mornings. Our parents also married super young and popped out babies in their early twenties… and this was apparently fine. (I remember thinking I wanted to be just like my parents with marrying at 21 and kids by 22… I clearly was super delusional) And then us fuckwits came along and lived in a world where things were relatively safe and normal. But not content with this ‘normality’ we felt the need and STILL feel the need to live our lives like an episode of Heartbreak High! Drama – rama! My friend summed things up quite delightfully the other day in an email conversation…

“All friends are morons! We grew up in a generation that didn't require us to actually grow up! So we went off on holidays, went travelling, worked whenever and never really settled down. So we're all dickheads as a result and think we live in (original!) 90210 or Dawsons Creek! And we all LOVE the drama! At our age our parents had 5 screaming brats hanging off them and no money so we're doing ok! They would never have put up with the same level of spoiltness (I know it's not a word!) we all expect too much!”


We all are guilty of this… creating drama just for the hell of it! Oh it’s a Wednesday… I’m a little bored… so let me go stir some shit up just so we have something to talk about later. It’s ridiculous! BUT I’m not gonna lie… it’s also fun! Having a gossip and bitching about everyone and anyone is just how a lot of us roll. I’m 28 and I still see some of my friends acting up like we were at school, and instead of pulling them up on it, I find myself entertaining the garbage. One rule I have is to never get involved in whatever is kicking off. I’m all about sitting on the fence/your face… and stirring the situation from afar. I rarely get involved or engage myself in the nonsensical episode of Grange Hill amongst my buddies unless the drama is directed at me… in which case… someone needs to hold my earrings as some fool is gonna get a beat down!

Expecting too much is also another aspect which rings soooo true. Everything with 20-something year olds has to be so much better, faster and bigger. It’s all about who can get the top score on this game of life and then boasting about it on Facebook. Everything is all so so hard these days… eh well it’s not! We’re just lazy fuckers who can’t be arsed to pull our finger out because we’re pretty sure there should be an app for that!

We are dickheads. All of us! Not cool dickheads… just actual pricks. I sometimes have bouts of strangeness where I think I should grow up, save some cash, indulge in a fantastical idea of having a family… oh and not to forget being financially and emotionally abused by a mortgage… and then I stop myself and think that it all sounds like a giant sack of shit! I’m sure in time I will get my shit together… but as my friend said… I was born into a life where doing whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want is deemed as ok… and so it’s technically not my fault! Will I look back when I hit 30 and be oh so proud of my achievements and pat myself on the back with how I endured ‘the struggle’…? Of course... as there is no doubt in my mind that I will still be a glorious dickhead.

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