Beyoncé and Feminism


Yep this title reads like a school essay but trust me... the content is probably not gonna be terribly intellectual... mainly because I can't be arsed to really put a lot of effort into it... So don't judge me! We all know who the diva of all things immense is right... Beyoncé... because if you don't then honey I have no time for you. Click the X in the corner of your screen and do one! 

I'm not going to pretend I know about feminism either... because I don't. Women's rights and using and abusing the female body for the jollies of the male gaze... oh look I've just found myself wanting to poke me in the eye with a Bic biro pen because that is heaps more fun. Don't get me wrong as I know this subject is super important and as fellow female and lover of the ladies it probably means I will be burned at the stake... along with lots of bras apparently... BUT I am also very shallow and self obsessed where I find enjoyment in perving over the chicks on Hollyoaks and Home and Away! What can you do?!

Now Beyoncé is one hottie who I personally think marries being superbly gorgeous and body beautiful with being a super powerful 'Independent' woman! I mean come on... the shoes on her feet... she bought them... right?! BULLSHIT! I'm pretty sure that Jay-Z bought her them pair of black Christian Louboutin red sole 6 inch heels! I love Mrs Jay-Z and all... but her girl power anthems are probably a load of shit! Her latest track about girls running the world is a sweet tune and gets me nodding my head and feeling for all of 3 minutes that I am an empowered hot Black woman with killer thighs and enough curves to knock you the fuck out... but at the end of the day, the music video is a slight contradiction to what she is actually saying.

Who runs the world... girls! But ultimately this music vid along with pretty much all of Beyoncé's other hits are made for guys and some girls to masturbate to! Ooohh let me wear absolutely no clothes, roll around in dirt and bounce my ghetto booty in your face! Yeah that'll show you that there is more to me than my hot hot body... genius! 

If I was a feminist then I probably would be pretty pissed that such a huge figure like Beyoncé is not sticking to the 'rules' of good female representation and fighting for other equally 'interesting' feministy stuff... whatever the hell they may be. BUT as I am not a feminist... I don't overly care. Does this make me a bad woman and a crap lesbian? Hell no... it's the other crazy shit that makes up my personality which in turn makes me a pretty rubbish individual. But I have learnt to deal with that! I just don't understand why people can't just appreciate her for what she is instead of looking for fantastical meanings pulled out from your arse hole in a straight forward plain talking music industry. Sex sells baby and she is sexy... fact. That's all you need to know. Michelle from Destiny's Child (you know that random bird who was drafted in to make up the numbers and sing those pointless one liners in each song) She tried to go solo and flopped. Why... because she wasn't Beyoncé damn it! Oh and she started singing about gospel God stuff which clearly doesn't fly this side of the Atlantic!

Beyoncé makes fab music to jump around to like a kid with an attention deficit disorder... who has just taken shit loads of speed... and she looks incredible! When I grow up I definitely want to be Beyoncé. That's all.



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