Facebook Places - Who. What. When. F*ck Off!


I'm probably going to lose a few friends who salivate over this feature on Facebook BUT I'm beyond giving a shit right now. Soz! Just so you know where I stand on this whole 'checking in' thing to show and tell everyone where you are all the fecking time... I hate it. Simples. My news feed is full of people telling me where they are or have been and it's making me want to punch orphans. 

Why the hell do you feel the need to tell everyone where you are? I genuinely don't get it. "Ooohh look I'm masturbating in the front room" and "Hey everyone I'm at a crack den with lots of hookers" I JUST DON'T CARE YO! 

Blatantly a lot of you are using it to 'big' yourself up in some warped fashion just to prove to yourself and those who pretend to give a shit about you that you do actually have a social life... BUT if you were having soooo much fun at all these bars and clubs and other hot spots you are frequenting, then you shouldn't have to be so lame as to then tell everyone. It's like dancing to your favourite tune and then stopping mid way to tell random members of the public that it's your favourite song... honey... no-one gives a flying fuck!

Self promotion sucks if the 'thing' you are promoting is terribly unattractive like... your location. Dress it up as you like... pretend that it's all 'just fun' and 'it's no big deal' BUT you're boring the shit out of me... and at the end of the day... it's all about me! Keep me entertained with your attention seeking cryptic status updates and cries for help which will be promptly ignored... but you can keep your arsing check ins!

Sex sells... but I'm afraid your whereabouts is just not sexy enough to be interesting. Soz.

So yeah... I'm done. Continue.

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