10 Perfect Sunday Duvet Day Movies

Whether you are religious or not, Sunday is still the day of rest. Sundays are Duvet Days. Fact. You're either hanging out of your arse from the night before or feeling rubbish because it's Monday tomorrow... and work on a Monday is about as much fun as genital warts. So it's time to grab yourself a duvet and get snuggled up with a cuppa and some jammy dodgers... and then go get your 'mong on' in front of the TV. 

Sunday film sessions are the perfect way to escape, and so I have created my top 10 list of movies to watch when blinking is even an effort. I could comment on the likes of The Goonies, Back to the Future and Mary Poppins BUT this is a top 10 list not a top 13. I'm not overly bothered if you agree... or care... so suck it up!

Numero... urmmm 10 is Romancing The Stone This film from way back in '84 is pure cheese, pure comedy and pure romance! It's one of the films you can sit and watch without thinking too much about. Starring Michael Douglas (before he looked like a biscuit/the crypt keeper) Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. If you like a wee bit of adventure with heroism and love... coupled with DeVito being a comedy legend... then jump all over it yo!

Number 9 is the fabulous Three Men and a Little Lady. Another old skool movie but one which should leave you smiling at the end. We all love a feel good cheese fest which pulls on our nostalgia strings... and this one is defo up there. The first one Three Men and a Baby was cool too... but the sequel wins all day long. 

In at 8 is The Mexican starring Hollywood beauties... Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. This bad boy of a film was not a blockbuster smash but it's funny! You get to watch Roberts and Pitt act like a mentalist couple and hard man James Gandolfini act as a massive gay! Action, guns, messed up relationships and people shooting other people... winner!

Next up with the number 7 is Stardust. Yeah laugh it up but this film is lush! (wow haven't used that word since I was about 14) It has like a million different famous people in, but at the end of the day it's a fairytale and I'm all about fairytales. Enjoy as Stardust lulls you into a fantastical sweet slumber!

Numbre six is the amazingness of The First Wives Club. I've seen this film so many times but I still love it. With the likes of Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler bringing the comedy you can't go wrong. It is a complete 'girl power' sister solidarity kinda trip... but it creates warm fuzzy feelings and when you got the Sunday blues it's poifect!

Number 5 in my list (of which I am already getting a little bored of writing! You know when you start something which you think is fun... to only find out you probably can't be arsed to follow through... well yeah that's where I'm at... but alas I soldier on!) is Howls Moving Castle. I 'got into' watching a few of these amazing Japanese animations a couple of years ago and they were the best form of chilled out weekends I experienced. This movie is one of my faves from the few Studio Ghibli collections I have seen, as it not only provides me with happy memories, but if you watch it you totally get involved in the fantasy of it all. If you enjoy light hearted, super creative and feel good narratives... then don't scoff at the fact that the characters are not 'real' but indulge in the story.

Number 4 is the immense... Notting Hill. Yes it's a rom com and yes it stars my lovely Julia Roberts... BUT it's wicked! British comedy and a love story is a win win combination! I have rinsed this movie so many times on VHS and DVD as well as Sky +just for good measure... and I still can't get enough. It's incredibly cheesy and has some of the best lines. Romance is not dead... it lives in Notting Hill behind a blue door.

Coming into the last stretch we got Harry Potter at number 3. I was gonna pin point it to a particular film on the epic series, but I couldn't. I love them all and if you whack on any one of them on a Sunday, it will still have the desired effect. If you don't know about Harry Potter then you've either been in a coma for 10 years or you're lying.

Number 2 is another old skool great... Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This is when Harrison Ford needed to stop reprising the role of Dr Jones and just embrace the fact he's pretty old, instead of bringing out the shockingly shit last sequel which involved... aliens!! What a complete nob. Anyways... this movie is pretty awesome. It's only recently I have been able to watch a certain scene with my eyes open due to me being a pussy... but it's a great 'no thinking' adventure film which you need to jump on.

Right number 1 in my ever long ding dong schlong of a list is thus: The Flight of the Navigator. This classic 80s movie is just too much that in fact I don't think you can handle it! Spaceships, aliens and... dog frisbee! If you haven't seen this then what the hell are you doing even reading my blog! Now go grab your duvet and get dunking them biscuits innit.



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