Adele: Fit. Fact.

I have only really been in love once thus far but I think this is due to change. I have fallen arse over tits in love with Adele… well to be more precise… I have fallen in love with her new album 21 which has smashed the top 10 in the UK album charts this week. I wasn’t particularly ‘feeling’ her first album 19, but when my best buddy’s fella posted a You Tube clip of her track ‘Someone Like You’ on Facebook… I cried. Oh and I fell in love with this Grammy award winner right there and then.

Adele seems to be the kinda girl you can take down your local pub, get heavily intoxicated with and laugh your ass off! She doesn’t have to rely on creating some bullshit pretentious image daaaahling to get her records played. She mentioned in one interview a la weekend that she doesn’t need ‘tits to have hits’ and this is so true. I love the fact that on Radio 1 last week in the live lounge she said ‘shit!’ and have you heard her laugh?! Amazing!

Granted I sound like a bit of stalker who may get arrested for breaking into her house and masturbating on her bed (it’s from the movie The Bodyguard… I’m not that sick! Well…!) BUT I genuinely think this girl is brilliant. She says it how it is, she’s aint no size zero chewing on cotton wool and sticking toothbrushes down her throat… oh and her music is wicked!

The lady has soul. And you know I’m all about soul baby! The first time I heard her new album I may have cried a bit… but that’s ok… right?! Her lyrics are so heart breakingly honest that you can’t help but smile and throw your hands up in the air like some born again Christian. It’s like she has just laid naked on the floor and said “screw it… just do me!” Ok maybe not like that at all as it sounds a bit wrong… BUT her tracks are a wee window into her own experiences. Nobody can sing with such beautiful sassiness and a touch of organic raw passion without walking the path of a broken heart… and this girl has certainly done that.

My only warning for this fabulous album is this… do not listen to it if you are already on an emotional downer… it will emotionally rape you! It’s like the folk band Noah and the Whale (another fine musical ear-gasm) last album ‘The First Days of Spring’… if you’re going through relationship issues or you are contemplating throwing yourself under a bus… just for fun like… then steer clear! However if you just wanna chill out to some great musicians churning out tremendously wonderful ballads… then jump all over it yo!

Anyhoo… I digress.

Adele is mint. All her tracks are superbly composed as well as rocking some fancy vocals to blow the shit out of the so called ‘urban’ artists out there right now... AND the best thing about her is that she’s British and loves it! The girl can wail and her humbled confidence is very attractive. Adele… I salute you. Please be my mate... Thanx.

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