Gone Walkabout

Warning: The following post hums of emotional nonsense. In fact feel free to take off your left shoe and throw it at my head for being a bit of a nob.

So it's 2011 party people! Is it same shit different year or perhaps new shit new year... Or maybe it's already just a shit year! You've probably thought way too much about what you want to achieve this year, things you want to forget, want to forgive, and things you want to fix. Normally the 'fresh start' way of thinking is executed when you've eaten and drank so much you are seriously considering taking up an eating disorder as you rock back on forth in the fetal position on your bathroom floor. It's all good... don't feel ashamed. It's nothing that a few Hail Mary's and rubbing rosary beads across your body wont fix. We've all been there and we all believe that the new year will bring new hope and new adventures... and I for one am jumping all over that fun bus.

I personally hope to use this year to sort my life out... yeah... good luck with that! 2011 is my year of walkabout. Now I'm not gonna wander the outback in sandals rocking some loin cloth with my batty cheeks on display (nobody needs to see that shit!) like the aboriginal folk have done, but I'm gonna try and use the year to figure shit out. No real plans, no real resolutions as I never stick to anyway, and no real expectations... that way I can eliminate the disappointment factor somewhat. 2010 was hard... real hard in so many ways that even Oprah is bored, so cry me a river! So I'm off on walkabout to try and discover... to say yes to things I usually ignore/pretend I give a shit about but really don't, and to Forest Gump my ass to the end of the year. You must pass go and you must collect £200...

Urmmm.... Katy Perry has fireworks coming out of her breasts on TV... kinda distracting.  

I think what happens is that we get caught up in 'life'. Obligations to work, responsibilities to friends/families and being stuck in relationships that just aint going anywhere but we cling on because we're too scared to let go. Let go damn it! These situations often... well... fucks us over. We lose ourselves and it takes a pivotal, often horrendous awakening of sorts to shake us up and go after the things which make us smile and salivate for the experiences we never knew existed until now.

So before I get embroiled in the excuses which prevents me from doing the things I love, I'm going on walkabout. Who's with me?


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