White Music. Black Soul.

How do you take your music taste these days? Mine is White with a heavy dose of Black soul. The state of Black music sometimes gets me so angry that I pretend my skin colour is an optical illusion! The likes of so called artists in the word of Black music today makes me wanna throw inanimate objects at them. I am an old soul when it comes to music especially RnB. I can't stand the bullshit commercialised crap pumped out on MTV Base but instead I have a soft spot for Motown, Reggae, Ska and Funk. I simply like music of Black origin which has soul and not repetitive synthesised shit with distorted vocals and a backing track reminiscent of the demo button on a Casio keyboard. 

A lot of my friends who are White will say they don't 'feel' Black music because they see the American manufactured crap and UK artists like N-Dubz and fecking JLS! I mean don't get me wrong I am impartial to a wee dance to cheesy shit on a night out... when I am drunk... in a gay bar... but they don't feature on my walkman! There is RnB and then there is what I call 'real' RnB and sorry folks but JLS aint it!

My music taste is all over the shop and back in the day I used to love me some commercial RnB... TLC, 90s Usher, Mariah and Whitney pre crack whore days... But then I think I woke up! There are many White musicians who in my opinion resonate the true essence of soul above and beyond every Black nominee of the past 5 years for the MOBO Awards. Maybe it's my age and I'm not 'down with the kids' (I still am so whatever) but if Black music aint got no soul... then it aint shit. 

I know we shouldn't separate musical creativity into race as it's one fluid movement blah blah... let's all embrace and hug it out... BUT there is a distinct difference so forget being politically correct. If you look at the likes of Adele, Jamie Lidell, Bedouin Soundclash, Plan B and Alice Russel they are all White musicians and bands but they produce excellent Black music. Fact. The funny thing is I was introduced to and educated about half of these people by a White girl! The gigs I have been to for such music have been packed out by White folk and my Black ass has been in the minority! I have also been to Reggae concerts where I have been a Black dot amongst a mass of White. How does that even make sense... Black music but no Black supporters?!

I am pretty ashamed that my own race feel the need to forget the music which inspired and instigated the crap RnB you hear on the radio. I know music is an evolution and will continue to change so in theory I can't knock the musical scene right now as people are eating up the records...BUT I will!

Many of the young Black 'urban' artists will say they are influenced by Michael Jackson. Granted he was a legend... but he was also a mentalist who touched kids and couldn't decide if he was Black or White... so therefore your inspiration is void and null! Soz. Whereas many of the White artists will say their influences are the likes of Aretha and James Brown.  

I just think Black people need to embrace true Black music instead of continuing to produce diluted tracks which strips out the one thing which makes us Black... Soul. What's next... Black people are gonna forget how to dance! I gotta hand it to the White music makers as they are really showing the Black community how it should be done. I salute you in keeping the old soulful spirit alive. 


Wedding Song

Still I Rise