The Sweet Scent Of... Chuff Chuff!

I appreciate some folk out there are into different things/hobbies/past times... however some things are just straight up wrong. I will appreciate but I never said I would agree with you freaks! Some genius (probably from Grimsby) felt the need to bottle the fabulous scent of a females... urmm bits. Yep... apparently creepy people like to inhale vaginal smells!

Why would you do this? No really... Why would you think that this was ever a good idea. You can market it as some erotic scent of a woman but it's nasty!

Granted when you have sexual relations with a lady you indulge in rudies where the 'scent of woman' is inevitable and you can tuck right in, but I would not opt in for casually sniffing the aroma of lady fanny on a quiet Tuesday morning! Can people not just watch midget porn like everyone else...

The thought of this actually makes me wanna puke in my mouth a little... (but I am intrigued... disgusted... no just intrigued) so I know I would probably want to wrap my nostrils around a bottle just to tick it off my list and to update my Facebook status to reflect this oddity... And then I would probably indulge in self flagellation until I felt clean again.

Check out the hilarious ad for this Vulva juice and see what you think...

Whatever next hey... shit in a pot? Mmm yummy!


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