That one track which changed your life. Kind of.

We all have one. You know that one song which transcends all kinds of good vibes and fanciful memories of way back when. Maybe it is Ace of Base 'The Sign' flooding your emotions with memorable but equally rubbish school discos slurping on fizzy fantastical Panda Pops. A time of your life where you felt untouchable with the only pressing problem in life being whether your new boyfriend will slow dance with you at the end of the night and french kiss you while feeling up your left breast. Damn life was good.

Or it might be 'I Will Always Love You' by Whitney which you played on loop when you were nursing your first broken heart. Orrrrr maybe it was 'Tequila' by Terrorvision which was playing in the SU bar the first time you got smashed into next week on the filthy Cuervo drink!

I technically have about 37 songs (just made that number up. But it's a lot) which changed my life but one of them would definitely have to be 12:59 Lullaby by Bedouin Soundclash. I first heard about this amazing Canadian ska/reggae band through an equally amazing person a few years back. It was a time when I was losing my touch on music/life and was over indulging in shit commerical RnB with no substance. So a random band with a random name sexing it up with a White dude singing 'music of black origin' definitely swished up my iTunes library.

I've seen them live a few times and 12:59 Lullaby is the track which gives me chills and evokes ridiculously wanky feel good emotions everytime. Maybe it's the memories of the gigs, the memories of where I was at that time of my life, or the fact that the music video was filmed in Tokyo and I miss Tokyo. Either way... I don't care. It's fecking awesome.

So, as a little task... go find that one song which makes your face do that wierd smiling thing and takes you back to a moment where shit was good. No stressing about work, your failing love life or whether you should go large with your Big Mac value meal as technically it makes financial sense.

Happy Friday beautiful people... Go find your happy place... the place that reeks of camp show tunes and cheese!




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