Goldie Hawn. Fit.

Alongside the awesomeness of Julia Roberts and probably some other Hollywood starlets of whom I can't be arsed to list and wouldn't kick out of bed... even if they were eating toast, stands Miss Goldie Hawn. Granted she is getting on now (but looking good for a grandma) I am however still a little bit in love with her. Mainly because I love her old skool movies. You know the ones you watch on a Sunday afternoon with a duvet, cup of tea and biscuit of your choice?

The lady is funny. And I don't care whether she is a manic depressive with rubbbish banter in real life (just made that up) The characters she plays on the big screen make me laugh... out loud. Not even the rubbish type of laughter where you just exhale some random squeeky breathing noise, but proper hearty annoying giggles. The Hawn leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling taking me to smiley good times above and beyond speed 5 on my elite rampant rabbit vibrator.... too much? Yeah I thought so.

With the joys of Overboard, Private Benjamin and Death Becomes Her to name but a few of her classic films, I do get far too over excited at The First Wives Club. Starring alongside Diane Keaton, Bette Midler (and a rough looking Sarah Jessica Parker) this movie about 3 wives dumped by their husbands who seek revenge perks me right up! Cheesy as hell but I'm all about cheese.

Now just because it's a Tuesday and I'm feeling good good good... I feel good yes wonderful good... here is my fave clip from The First Wives Club. If nobody else enjoys this... I know my Aussie buddy Sheeny will be all over it!



That one track which changed your life. Kind of.

Horror. It's a bit crap really.