Dirty Burgers and Fanciful Dreams.

The Insatiable need to reach out and touch, to live in your dreams and ignore that you suck... so badly at focus and sticking with shit, like eating less burgers and getting my ass fit.

Running away coz you're scared to get hurt, from more broken hearts much worse than the first... time you fell in love or endured a bad dream, stand up and believe life is not what it seems.

You maybe in front or lagging behind, get out of the race you know it's just fine... to be who you be and do what you do, rub happy Buddha's belly and remove your left shoe.

My ego is bruised my self esteem low, but I laugh when it hurts and I dance in the snow.

To be merely normal and not aspire to be great, allows the dream killers to have all the cake... and eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea, but I'll be damned if the fatties will ever catch me!

Scary Movie: Too much or just too funny?

Rox: Authentic Soulful Smiley Vibes!