Film Review: The Karate Kid - Wax On Wax Off Sucker!

When I heard there was going to be a remake of one of my all time favourite 80s movie, I wanted to high kick my television and give the producers of this new fangled classic film a high octane chinese burn! What muppet would try and rekindle the amazingness of Daniel Son and Mr Miyagi... Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan that's who! Your mum and dad maybe one of Hollywoods hot as hell couples who every man and woman want to have sexual relations with, BUT we've all had a bit to drink so just calm yourself down! The release of the new Karate Kid unnerved me somewhat but of course I had to watch it so I could prove I was right all along. Right? Wrong.

Myself and my older brother would watch The Karate Kid 1, 2 and 3 (number 4 doesn't count as that was pure garbage!) as youths on repeat, so we knew all the dialogue, all the moves and all the nonsensical words of wisdom Mr Miyagi would spout. Promptly after watching back to back Karate Kid my brother would then test out his Bruce Lee type moves on me and make me cry. Good. The basic plot line consisted of this "A New Jersey teen moves to California, meets bullies and learns karate from a handyman" (Taken from a superb t-shirt I used to wear) Yes the acting wasn't great and yes Ralph Macchio who played Daniel Larusso really looked like a confused kid rather than karate kid BUT he pulls off the crane kick and knocks the crap outta the baddies! Win Win.

So, the new Karate Kid stars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's son Jaden who is a cutie (and is definitely his father's son with his mannerisms - think early Fresh Prince) and iconic martial artist Jackie Chan. The names of the leads have been switched up, the location is in China and the karate is in fact... kung fu! However 'The Kung Fu Kid sounds pretty gash! 

If you know the original movie then you will notice that the all the key elements of the film are still there but 'mashed up' with a modern twist. The 'kid' is in fact a kid instead of Macchio's 80s teenager character and so some sub plots like the romance between Smith and some Chinese chick was kinda odd seeing as they are barely out of nappies. Oh and the ass whooping Smith initially gets can be seen as rather graphic and violent for such a young person, but I think this is needed as anything less would prove to be soft and unrealistic. Man up!

I watched this with my bro for nostalgic reasons and we both were screaming in delight... at the screen... on purpose. I really wanted to hate this film but I loved it! Even when I knew what was going to happen I still was totally impressed and yes I cried in parts! Yep... I don't know why... hormones. Granted this wee gem of a flick isn't going to win an oscar, little Jaden Smith needs to polish up his acting skills BUT I have massive love for the Karate Kid.

Maybe it is the nostalgic glow this movie threw up on me, maybe it was because I wasn't paying attention and tricked myself into thinking this was amazing, or maybe it was the awesome sweet popcorn that put me in a good mood... Either way, this family fuzzy movie gets top marks from me and for once the Black person doesn't die!



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