Rox: Authentic Soulful Smiley Vibes!

Ok, Black British music artists have never really had much luck (except Leona Lewis... possibly Alexandra Burke but I'm not even including JLS as they are pure garbage!) Beverly Knight has been in the game for years but she has still never really received the recognition she deserves... and remember Craig David and Damage...?? yeah exactly!

Rox is different. Yes she is Black and yes she has a sexy sweet soulful voice... BUT she has an edge and brings a different sound to the struggling UK music scene right now. I don't even want to chat about why I like her or why I think she will blow up this year (mainly because I am sleepy as hell from a hectic weekend!) SO... I'm just gonna make you listen to her instead.

The first clip is a beautiful acoustic set and the second vid is purely because I was at Notting Hill Carnival yesterday and I still feel like throwing sleepy shapes! Enjoy innit!


Now get your guns up and BOGLE!!


Dirty Burgers and Fanciful Dreams.

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