Solo Cinema

Do you ever feel sorry for those sad muppets at the cinema who watch the movies on their own? Aaaaw... well don't you tossers as I do this! Ok, granted I too thought it was a bit weird to go and watch a film by yourself (a little bit like going to a bar on your own which is weird. fact) until I was made to do so and now I haven't looked back.

I wanted to watch one of the Harry Potter movies a couple of years ago but none of my mates wanted to come with me and my girlfriend at the time was scared of owls. So, off I trundled to the Odeon cinema in Streatham Hill (absolute shit hole of a movie theatre) to watch Harry Potter with me, myself and I. My mind was rife with crazy thoughts of being sad and pathetic... what does this mean... am I officially retarded... will I actually get stabbed this time (It was South London innit) None the less, I purchased my over priced popcorn and super sized fizzy pop of which I knew I wouldn't be able to finish and leave on the floor at the end, and entered screen 2. (I don't actually know which screen it was but for the purpose of the story, lets go with 2.)

What happened after this I have no recollection. Well I do a bit. At the end of the day I sat, I watched and I got up and left. Was this vastly different to my experinces of watching movies with friends and loved ones? Not particularly. Granted I had no-one to grope inappropriately and yes I did overhear some kids say "that man over there must be a paedo" BUT apart from this hearty banter and me trying to protest I was actually female and Harry Potter is not a kids film... it all went really well.

The moral of this brain fart is that everyone should have a go at solo cinema outtings. I do often partake in this exercise and I find it super relaxing and a great form of escapism. Does it mean you are a sad loser who actually has no mates... probably... but hey hey maybe it's not me who has the problem.

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