Just Calm Yourself Right Down!

What is the deal with everyone getting married or popping out kids?! I've been to 2 weddings already within one month and off to another in a couple of months whilst waiting for the arrival of another mates child birthing extravaganza... AND a fecking Christening! Sweet Jesus... everyone just breathe and chill out. Is it so wrong that I'm 27 and I just wanna get smashed into next week on cheap wine whilst picking up a groin injury on the dancefloor. Rhetorical... no need for an answer.

I mean, happy days blah blah for all my buddies who have 'put a ring on it', and yeah yeah your kid is cute as long as I don't have to hold it or pretend that making goo goo gaa gaa noises is a fun game. And now the gays can officially get married it's crazy times! This isn't a bitter rant on love as I love... love but it's a slight rap on the knuckles over this whole commitment thing and saying 'I do'. Someone once told me that there is no need to say 'I love you' everyday when you know I love you everyday. The same principle kind of applies. I just don't understand why you have to pay shit loads of money to say 'I do' to just go back to being the same supposedly loved up couple you were before you got married. What does getting married actually prove? I aspire to just be and hopefully stay stupidly in love with an extremely lucky, fortunate, ever so slightly retarded lady forever ever... and when it all goes tits up then she can have the cats.

Granted maybe for the legal reasons (of which I do not understand so I'm not even gonna pretend I do) you may enter the fashionable world of marriage or because you have religious beliefs... but if you are just a plain Jane/Jo/Shaneequa then whats the need? Can you not just be with your partner forever? Should a piece of paper, an eye injury from an unfortunate confetti attack and watching your dad dance like a spazz make you feel more connected and in love with your new hubby or wifey? Not rhetorical... I genuinely don't know.

Maybe I just need to 'act my age' settle down and think about the traditional sense of marriage and the unity of two people so in love who want to show the world their undying commitment (until someone has an affair and f*cks it up!)

Or maybe I will just continue throwing awesome shapes on the dancefloor and make new friends.

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