Cancer... Funny Ha Ha!

Cancer. Wow. Not gonna lie... probably the most depressing subject ever. The first time my buddy told me she had cervical cancer I laughed. Yep totally inappropriate but I'm one of those idiots who laughs when nervous. In fact, I followed up with the amazingly reassuring line of "don't worry, we can go wig shopping when you lose your hair!" (Note to everyone... if you want me to be serious in a serious situation... don't tell me shit!)

Luckily my friend laughed with me and didn't hang up, and I continued to talk about how I was going to buy a didgeridoo that day. (I was in Oz... it made sense at the time) It was only afterwards I completely broke down and sobbed like a crazy crying type person... and then I bought my didgeridoo and ate a dirty burger.

My buddy is thankfully all ok now so this isn't 'My Sister's Keeper' where you can expect to be emotionally bummed into next week. It was however a strange experience for so many different reasons that are far too complex and odd to share in this blog space, but all I can remember about this time was that we laughed... a lot. Granted it could've been so much worse especially only minutes after Jade Goody passed away, but why cry when you can laugh. 

I know this all sounds incredibly cheesy and I feel like I am dressed in pink skipping along in a Disney movie surrounded by fairies... and perhaps chimney sweepers having a tea party on the ceiling, BUT I think taking the piss out of your mate's 'fanny cancer' (as we fondly called it) is far more helpful and effective than sitting in silence and holding her hand. Gay! If you want compassion... call the Samaritans or maybe get Jeremy Kyle to shout at you! (why does he do that? Prick.) If you would like to be treated like a friend and screw over pretenses, then you should already have my number on speed dial.

Bad things occur. Hearts are broken. Do believe the hype... Shit does indeed happen.

So what do you do when you have been relinquished of all control in a shockingly shit moment of your life? Have a little chuckle with your nearest and dearest, stick your middle finger up and whack on some Beyonce... or Whitney (pre crack whore Whitney) You know it makes sense people. 

Just Calm Yourself Right Down!

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