Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love

I first saw this book on Amazon when I was aimlessly browsing about 6 months ago. I liked the wee synopsis so added the bad boy to my 'wish list' as I do most things I usually have no intentions of buying any time soon. It was only when I visited my local cinema (on my own... it was a pleasant experience and something I may discuss at another point. Solo cinema outtings are defo a good thing) BUT I DIGRESS... So yes, it was at the cinema that I saw the trailer for Eat, Pray, Love starring one of my fave actresses Julia Roberts. I nearly peed my pants with excitement and figured I needed to read the book I initially saw many months ago before the movie release date.

Basically this book is fabulous! Signed sealed delivered I love it. I know I am supposed to tell you why and how but just trust me and read it.

Elizabeth Gilbert is the super American writer who pens her own experience of 'one woman's search for everything'. She has come to a crossroad in the shape of a slight break down on her bathroom floor at stupid o'clock in the morning (hey we've all been there!) where she finds that everything in her life including her marriage, is a big pile of shit. So what do you do when the makeup of your delicate existence is under threat and spiraling out of control...? You decide to sack off your New York life, take a year out to travel, experience the unknown and find spiritual equilibrium. And that is exactly what Elizabeth Gilbert does.

Gilbert's writing style is so easy, intimate and welcoming with her laid back colloquial 'chat' but also she manages to eloquently detail and express aspects of faith, religion, love and spiritual well being. She is a funny old bean and often made me chuckle out loud on my long ass commute on the bus to work and back, as I often found myself thinking this lady is a complete mentalist and I love it!

I think I was instantly drawn to this adventure story because I too am looking for some kind of enlightenment and understanding of my own messy life, so more than anything this book brought much comfort and good vibes keeping my optimistic candle still flickering when sometimes it's easier to extinguish the flame and break down in tears. (ooohh check out my awesome imagery suckers!)

This is defo a book designed for us ladies who stereotypically tend to have insane dramatic moments where we embrace such sayings as 'life's a bitch and then you die' or 'oh my God my life is rubbish' and require a coping mechanism. Chocolate, sex, some more sex, a shockingly shit sad movie where someone dies of cancer perhaps or a damn good soak in the bath with a decent read. Please don't get me wrong as this novel aint no chick flick kind of romantic let me throw up in a bucket sort of thing. Sex and the City fans need not apply. It is a woman's beautiful account of her year of travelling to Italy, India and Bali where she finds clarity, understanding and calm not just from the world around her, but from her own fears and anxieties.  

I do hope the movie will do this narrative justice, but I probably wont care as I will be too distracted by the awesomeness of Julia Roberts! So yes... Eat, Pray, Love... tis good. Go and get your read on.



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