Have you ever... ever felt like this?

If you can raise your hand and say "I was a 90s youth and I watched bizarre 'kids' shows but I am still kinda sane-ish today", then firstly well done you and secondly, you would have no doubt watched this after school tv program 'Round the Twist' An Australian children's drama/show/trippy craziness. 

All I remember is some kids, their dad who had some kind of Jew 'fro going on, a lighthouse and some insane story lines which were obviously made up by some dudes who clearly were smoking too much crack. Naturally I loved it! 

So just to stimulate y'all with a heavy dose of nostalgia... here is a clip of the amazing 'Round the Twist'! All I need is for some DJ to drop this in a club whilst inhaling a bottle of poppers, and I'll be wanting to play Alex Kidd on the Sega Mega Drive... Enjoy!


Say what now...?

Bi now Gay later?