Bi now Gay later?

Oh the joys of sexuality! Labels, titles, restrictions, definitions... Zzzzzz. I was forever protesting "don't put me in no damn box!" after my first lady love experience at uni and shouts of "why do I have to pick a side?" always came up in conversation. I was told by more experienced gay lordy mates that everyone likes to play the bisexual card to begin with and then in time you will be a raging full on dyke rocking comfortable shoes, buying cats and putting up Ikea shelves.

Ok granted this rang true for myself (minus the cats) and even when I still now try and explain that sexual preference should be fluid  "it's all about the person" blah blah and "I would never say never to a penis"... my mates piss themselves and say "you're massive lesbian and anyone with eyes can see that!" Rude.

One of my best mates is gay and he did what I did by initially denying his love of the same sex, to saying he was bi-curious, to then wanting to go to Heaven (notorious gay night club in London), to then kissing a guy, to then 2 weeks later saying with animated camp hand gestures "oh hell yes girlfriend I am totally queer!" However I have another bessie mate who says he is bisexual (even though I call him a gay!) and in a weird way even though I have only ever known him to be with guys, if he told me he had a girlfriend I would firstly get the arse ache and jealous rage, but then I don't think it would be odd at all. So maybe I can see him settling down with a lady and therefore I can maybe believe he is bi... but without my consent or understanding of the matter, he will thus remain my gay Irish husband!

There is the notion that bisexuals are just greedy which I sometimes playfully agree with depending on my mood! There is also the stigma that lesbians and gays hate bisexuals as if the word is dirty and are more wary of those who enjoy both sexes. It's like they are not a 'true gay' because bisexuality can be perceived as being indecisive and fickle which I find funny and rather stupid. I also think it's crazy that any lesbians for example would have a problem with going out with a bisexual lady because they are worried the odds of cheating are raised due to the fact that their other half likes men and women. I had a sweet relationship with a technically bisexual girl and there were no issues with infidelity or distrust and I never thought she wasn't for real just because she liked blokes too. Insane in the membrane I tell thee!

Anyhoo, sexual preference is an odd one. I think that bisexuality is not a bad thing at all and I often throw this word in the mix when chatting to my mother to stem the onslaught of ridiculous tales of me never getting married or giving her grand kids. Bisexuality gives hope to the parental unit and offers encouragement to the cause of 'fixing' your homo infected child!

In conclusion to my rambling nonsense... If you are bi don't think that you have to be forced to pick a side... willy or chuff chuffs... just do you. One love.

Have you ever... ever felt like this?

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