Bunnies... Bunnies... it must be BUNNNIES!

Like most camp as hell ridiculous and cheese drenched TV shows, I loved and still have a special tingling feeling downstairs for Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Now I don't do anything that involves 'horror', monsters, people getting sliced up even if it's not real. I was once subjected to watching an animation/cartoon/drawings moving across my telly where some guys were getting their heads chopped off... blood everywhere and it was the scariest shit I've seen! Call me a pussy... and tell me again that it's all fake and the illustrator just decided to stop drawing Mufasa when he 'died'... but my stupid child like imagination is not having any of it. 

But I digress...

On paper Buffy was never going to agree with me. Vampires? Hell no! When I saw 'The Lost Boys' the classic 80s vampire movie I shat myself. And that was only last week. However with Buffy... throw in some hotties, amazingly funny dialogue, story lines dreamt up by some kid who has consumed too many Panda Pops... and of course lesbians, and I'm all over it. A high school girl who has to kill all vampires and monster type things with her beautiful gang of random rejects, an annoying sister who was a mystical object created by monks , a vampire with a soul, another vampire who is just horny and wants to get into Buffy's pants... and all in the name of saving the world! Not ridiculous at all... pure genius I tell thee!  

I spent pretty much all of my time at uni skipping lectures to get through my VHS box sets of Buffy. With any box set you can't just watch one episode and you're done. Oh no no my friend, you have to cain the whole season in one go and then realise you have no life and you are now retaking all of your university assignments next summer. Joyous.

My fave episode hands down without a doubt was the musical 'Once More With Feeling'. Yes I have the CD soundtrack and yes when myself and my other geeky Buffy mates (who all happen to be raging homosexuals!) get together before a night out... we crank up this episode and sing and dance like epileptics... on speed.

So because it is a Thursday and I'm wearing my happy face today... I hereby share with you the delights of one of songs from 'Once More With Feeling'. The clip is a little grainy but I defy anyone who doesn't have a wee smile on their face afterwards... ah gowan... fill your boots!


I'm not your average girl from a video...

The 80s... what a car crash!