The 80s... what a car crash!

I was born in the 80s but technically I am more of a 90s girl. I remember certain parts of the iconic 80s era but I was a child so when it came to fashion and trends in culture... I was simply made to wear whatever shit my mum thought was 'cute' at the time. However aside from my blurred and pure non existent memories of being a true 80s teenager, I do have a lot of love for all the nonsense that kicked off in this decade. 

For instance I'm a huge lover of most horrifically cringe worthy 80s movies, I still own an Atari and Spectrum Sinclair game console, I call my iPod a Walkman and I have a miniature Rubix Cube around my neck pretending to be a necklace. I know it is seen as the 'cool' thing to be obsessed with everything retro like, and while I do genuinely love old skool stuff... I also acknowledge the fact that yes... I am cool as f*ck!

Recently I have been indulging in and reminded of this classic era of the 1980s and so it got me wanting to write this post. Firstly it was with my Rubix Cube. (Now I bought this little gem from where I buy shed loads of my tees. It's a great talking point when out and gets everyone checking out your cleavage as they fiddle with the cube!) I have a friend who is a lovely bird... quite sane-ish but when it comes to the cube, she's like the fecking Rain Man! I handed her my Rubix Cube which has been all messed up and impossible to solve for months now, and by the time I scratched my right breast and blinked twice, my special needs mate had completed the damn thing! Extraordinary. 

Then the other day when walking to my flat in South London, I passed the biggest Black dude with the most amazing Boombox which could have been a prop from the classic movie 'Breakdance'. Shame it was blazing out 'The Carpenters' though...

And then finally last night on BBC 2 they had some special 80s hoo haa if you caught it? If you didn't then check out the BBC iPlayer especially The Grumpy Guide to the Eighties. Tis hilarious! Top of the Pops was also on celebrating the 'hits' of the Eighties and I was pissing meself! Kylie and Jason... Whitney... Bros... Culture Club, it was a state, but was I having a bedroom disco for one.. damn straight I was! Standard.

The bad clothing, the horrendous songs, the colossal sized mobile phones, Margaret Thatcher being a complete twat and f*cking up Britain, White people rocking mullets, Black people rocking the Jerry Curl/ Wet look! It was an arsing car crash. I am glad to have enjoyed my teens in the 1990s trying to look like the 5th member of girl group Eternal... but I do have massive love for the 80s and that is never gonna change. 

Excuse me while I jam out to some UB40.... continue.

Bunnies... Bunnies... it must be BUNNNIES!

Big Willy Style!