Big Willy Style!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the funniest show on telly back in the 90s just before Heartbreak High on BBC 2. Fact. Every Tuesday after school I had a ritual of Byker Grove or Grange Hill then Neighbours, Home and Away, FRESH PRINCE then Heartbreak High. Life was good.

Now don't pretend you didn't watch it and don't even try and make out that Keenan and Kel (which was pure shite. I don't give damn about no orange soda!) was a match for the mighty comedy genius Will Smith and Carlton Banks with his funky camp dance! I found this clip and I had to share as it cracks me up every time and I am also a little bit in love with Dream Girls! Sing it...






The 80s... what a car crash!

Girls in Tees.