Girls in Tees.

So it's the summer time baby... well no not really but the sun has been out recently and us English folk are tearing off our garms like it's 100 degrees in the Caribbean seas! This point alone deserves a whole blog post. Anyhoo... So of course due to the sunshine I have been rocking my standard regulation t-shirts. It's no shocker I like me tees. I always have and probably will still be wearing them as I am wheeled into my nursing home accessorizing with a nifty pair of incontinence nappies. For me t-shirts offer comfort and style and you can dress them up or down (check me like I'm Gok 'its all about the confidence' Wan) I don't do smart clothes unless I'm forced to (rewind my bro's wedding. Pink... Dress) So tees are my little security blanket as well as sometimes making me look ok-ish.

Most (all) of my shirts however are mens designs. Now I'm all for sharing and caring within the world of genders and mixing shit up... but any danger someone wants to design/create/pay some kids 21p a year in a 3rd world country to make some decent women tees?? Anyone...?

Blokes shirts I feel are a better fit, better design and allow for breasts! The selection of designs are vast whereas ladies tees come across as bland or boring, available in only one colour, and when they try to be different, they sprinkle some friggin diamond glitter shit on them. I don't want to be a human disco ball damn it! And what's with the sizes huh! They're mostly fitted t-shirts which I suppose are meant to show off the awesomeness of a woman's figure. HOWEVER if you're no size zero, wee bit plump or just straight up fat, then it's game over as the only asset you will be promoting in the nonsensical sized tees, is your belly rolls and your boobs stretched and squashed to shit making it look like you have 28 breasts in an ill fitted bra. I used to be embarrassed browsing in the mens section in shops but now I've given up giving a shit. If retailers don't supply me with what I need in the women's section... then I'm gonna do it myself. And I'm gonna put things back on the wrong hangers and not fold anything up just to show you my inner rage!

Now ok this whole rant may just be the big lezzer in me conforming to the stereotypical image (comfortable shoes, retro/ ridiculous t-shirts, ikea shelves and some cats) and waving my rainbow 'I'm pissed off' flag... so I do appreciate some of you girls just like wearing girlie tees and only wear guys shirts if they belong to your boyfriend (losers) or you are going to bed. I just think that guy t-shirts are better than girls and it annoys me. So what am I gonna do about it... probably nothing! I'm just gonna continue to moan and wait for someone to fix it. 


Big Willy Style!

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